Why House Churches (a.k.a. Simple/Organic Churches)?

We realize that the House Church environment is not for everyone. Yet we also strongly believe that there are many advantages to gathering in a small, intimate group to worship. Here are a few:

1. Everyone participates (1 Cor. 14:26). Each believer contributes something to the overall worship experience according to their gifts and talents –hospitality, prayer, discussion, scripture reading, singing, serving, encouraging, and much more.

2. House Churches are highly relational. There is a high degree of mutual accountability and encouragement in a small group of believers.

3. Since we have no property to buy and maintain, or staff to pay, we are free to use our tithes and offerings to directly affect the ministry of Christ all over the world.

4. It is relatively easy to organize believers (especially new believers) into house churches. Also, house churches are easy to reproduce over and over again.

5. The House/Simple/Organic Church model is the method of choice for establishing new churches on the mission field and in cross-cultural environments.

6. House Churches are highly resistant to persecution.

7. House Churches are attractive to unbelievers and believers who don’t like or trust the organized traditional church.