Frequently Asked Questions about our fellowship:

What is a typical service like?

“Typical” is not a word we normally use to describe our services. They are as varied as our homes. With the various combinations of families, teachers and worship leaders, there are no two services that are alike. However, when we meet we try to worship God through singing, testimonies, and scripture reading. This generally lasts for an hour. We spend another hour studying God’s word through guided discussions and teaching, led by one of our many teachers. We finish our Sunday services with a “pot-luck” fellowship meal. The order of these events can vary. Sometimes we start with the meal and end with worship.

Attendance can vary from 3 families to 20 families, meeting in various homes, parks, campgrounds, or wherever we can assemble. The location changes weekly.

Does the whole church meet together each week?

Yes and no. Our attendees now number over 75 people on average, and most homes cannot accommodate all these people at once. Three weeks out of every month, we meet in smaller groups of 25 people or less. At least once a month, we try to gather the whole congregation in a place large enough to hold all of us. This place could be a large home, an outdoor park, a community center, an empty church building, a rented banquet hall.

 Do you have a pastor?

We don’t have a single pastor in charge of the church. Instead, we have a plurality of leadership. Our church is led by a group of elders who fit the biblical qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and are chosen by the entire congregation. Each small group is led by one or more leaders who acts as shepherds for that group. All leadership is shared. All teaching responsibilities are shared.

As a general principle, we encourage and empower every father to be the pastor and shepherd of his family. No one else is more qualified to be so.

What do you study?

At least half the time, you will find each group studying a specific book or passage of the Bible. Each quarter, we try to begin a new book of the Bible. Between books, we do topical studies which the teachers prepare. Topical studies can be on subjects such as marriage, family, holiness, finances, creation, or any other biblical teaching.

Who does the teaching?

Our fellowship has as many teachers as the Lord has gifted among us. We encourage those who feel led and gifted by God to take their turn at teaching. After a while, it becomes clear whom God has uniquely gifted to teach, and these individuals have ample opportunity to lead us in Bible study. We realize that not everyone is prone nor gifted to teach. No pressure is ever put on a member to lead a lesson if they do not desire to do so.

Our teaching style is geared toward small groups. We tend to use interactive discussions of the scriptures and Biblical principles more often than lecture.

How do you guard against false teaching?

The best way to spot a counterfeit is to know the genuine article so well that the counterfeit stands out like a sore thumb. Intense bible reading, study and scripture memorization are a large part of what we do as families and New Covenant Fellowship strongly encourages those practices for every family.

Our elders, small group leaders and teachers take seriously God’s admonition to guard His flock from false teaching and error. We have adopted a statement of faith that reflects traditional evangelical beliefs. As a non-denominational fellowship, we try not to emphasize any denominational stance. Yet our members come from a variety of denominational backgrounds. Our desire is to put Christ first in all that we do and all that we teach.

Our leadership brings to the table a wealth of ministry experience, education and biblical knowledge. Most have been believers for decades. Some of us have experience on church staff. Others have been on the mission field. We all hold one another accountable for our actions and our teachings. All these qualifications and safeguards are good and necessary, but it is God’s grace that will ultimately preserve us and keep us on track.

What do you do with children?

We tend to keep our children with us throughout the service. While this may sound chaotic, actually it is not. Our children sit with their parents and participate in the service through singing, praying, answering questions and contributing to the discussion. Very small children may be given toys or coloring books to play with, but are encouraged to stay with mom and dad. If a parent has an infant that needs attention, no one bats an eye if the mom or dad simply gets up and walks out of the meeting room to tend to their needs.

We have no “age-grade” divisions. Our children learn right next to the adults. Teachers are encouraged to include the children in the teaching. Children are encouraged to contribute or ask questions.

Periodically, we try to hold special events and activities for our children and for our youth. Our own teenagers organize their own bible studies during the week.

Do you have a youth minister?

No. As a fellowship, we do not segregate into age-grade divisions for our worship or teaching times. We do most everything as families. Our fathers and our mothers are all “youth ministers.” We stress the importance of the parents being the primary spiritual guide for any child or youth.

Our young ones enjoy ample time together during fellowship times. They enjoy plenty of activities together on Sunday and all throughout the week. Most are involved in service and evangelistic activities during the week with adult supervision.

How can the public find out about your services and attend?

Because our “services” happen in the living rooms and dens of our members, having the general public walk in off the street is just not practical. However, this does not mean we are a closed fellowship. By no means! We are growing in numbers monthly. How does this happen? Mostly by word of mouth and through internet listings. Our members are constantly inviting visitors to our meeting. As a courtesy to the small group hosts each week, we ask that members wanting to bring a visitor to please coordinate with the host so that enough food is available and enough room is made for the visitor.

As we grow, we hope to have a monthly celebration service which can take place in a more public forum where more visitors and the general public can come and hear the gospel.

If you are in our area and would like to visit one of our services, send an email to


Do your members tithe? To whom?

As a church, we do not normally “pass the plate.” We do encourage all our attendees to give as God leads them to give. That might be to our fellowship, or it may be to the ministry or mission of their choice. As a church, we have almost no operating expenses, no mortgages, no salaries, no utilities. Our finances can go directly to do ministry anytime and anywhere. We do try to keep plenty on hand to help one another in need or contribute to a worthy cause, such as missionary support, or emergency assistance. Otherwise, as families and individuals, we are free to give as God directs.

How do you do evangelism?

As a church, we do not have a regular visitation night, or an evangelism program, although many of our members voluntarily participate in such activities. That doesn’t mean that we don’t consider sharing our faith vitally important to our Christian walk. Evangelism is a lifestyle for our attendees. Everyone is encouraged to share their faith every day of the week throughout their sphere of influence. Sometimes, we are intentional about sharing our faith, and sometimes, it just “happens.” As individuals and families, we are seeking ways to share our faith naturally and expand God’s kingdom in this world.

If you have more questions, feel free to email us