Keep It Simple: Being the Simple Church in a Complex World


This link will take you to a podcast – the first of its kind. Another Simple Church planter from Lexington, Kentucky named Gavin Duerson and I sat down before a microphone and spent hours discussing House Church. The first podcast is called “Beginnings, Part 1”. Part 2 will be published shortly. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Keep It Simple: Being the Simple Church in a Complex World.” We will eventually make it to the iTunes Podcast Directory (as soon as I figure out how!). In the meantime, enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment!

God Bless,


Below is a general description of the podcast.

Keep it Simple: Being the Simple Church in a Complex World   is a weekly podcast that explores the joys and challenges of being in a simple church, (aka organic church, micro church, or house church). Tom and Gavin are two guys from different parts of Kentucky who want to promote a simpler form of being God’s church while encouraging the making of Disciples of Jesus, and the multiplication of Simple Churches all over the world. For more information, see (Tom’s blog) or (Gavin’s webpage).

About thesimpleguys

Two guys from Kentucky representing a House Church Network in Metro Louisville/Southern Indiana, and another Simple Church Network in Lexington.
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